Power Generator
Product Information

This Power Generator is a 14kw of storage and can grow up to 140kw of storage in Multiples of 14kw. It supplies 100% pure sine wave, 4 NEMA 5-20 125V 20A outlets, 1NEMA L5-20 125V 20A outlet and 1 NEMA L6-50 240V 50A outlet. The Power generator can be used as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply), BACKUP POWER STATION, PORTABLE GENERATOR, RV/MARINE and REMOTE/FIELD POWER.

Power Storage & Supply

  1. Battery Bank Stores up to 14kw of Power
  2. Power extension can grow storage 14kw to 140kw multiples of 14kw
  3. Uses 12 volt, sealed, maintenance free batteries
  4. Supplied power at 120 and 220 VAC simultaneously at 50 or 60 Hertz
  5. 100% Pure Sine Wave 6,000w Continuous
  6. AC surge: 18,000 watts for 10 seconds & 14,000 watts for 30 seconds


  1. AC 120/220 Input from the grid
  2. 4KW of DC Input from Solar Panels per Battery Bank extension
  3. Wind Turbine input of 48V DC and 100AMP per Battery Bank extension
  4. AC Output from Diesel Power generators can also be used to charge batteries.