Appliance/Ceiling Fan
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40 Watt Equivalent (12 Lights)
60 Watt Equivalent (12 Lights)
25 Watt Equivalent (24 Lights)
Product Information

Dimmable Appliance/Ceiling Fan LED Lights we carry high quality FEIT Electric LED bulbs.

These bulbs are all warm white 3000k to blend in well with standard incandescent lighting and will fit in standard American socket (E26).

LEDs offer superior efficiency to other bulb types, below is a chart listing actual wattages used in comparison to incandescent bulbs.

LED Wattage

Incandescent Wattage Equivalent 

3 Watt

25 Watt

4.8 Watt

40 Watt

7 Watt

60 Watt